Mutual Fund for Retirement

Sudhendra Lakshmana Rao 3 Sep 2021


Retirement planning is one of the most under-appreciated subjects among working people because most people believe retirement is a long way off and that immediate responsibilities are more essential.

Many people realize they have not saved enough for retirement as they approach their retirement date and fear losing their financial independence.

Retirement should be the time of your life culminating your years of experience and earnings. Old age should be a life with lots of peace and happiness and maybe travel, provided you have the necessary savings.

So how to plan your Mutual Funds for Retirement?

Rising Medical Costs in your Retirement Life

As you are aging gracefully, you may need medical assistance for your well-being as your health deteriorates over time. You should be able to afford the medical expenses to keep on par with the latest advancements. Mutual Funds can plan for safe and secure Retirement.

Senior citizens predominantly rely on Fixed deposits and petty savings from the government for their consistent flow of cash. Lately, the interest for savings has died down a little and it might not be profitable for the citizens to rely on government schemes.

Mutual funds for retirement in Bangalore invest in the big market by pooling money from a large number of small participants. This provides investors with higher returns on lesser investments. All these retirement plans aim to give the investor aggressive equity opportunities and create wealth in the longer run.


It is the loss of money's purchasing power over time. If inflation is 5%, after a year, Rs 100 will only buy Rs 95 worth of items. It can only buy Rs 60 worth of products after ten years, and Rs 37 worth of things after twenty years.

Your necessities will remain the same, but the value of your money will decrease. It is critical that your money grows in order to combat inflation. So, it is about time to start investing in Mutual Funds for Retirement.

How many funds are necessary for your retirement?

While the process may appear daunting, it is achievable if you have a solid financial plan in place with mutual funds for retirement and begin saving for retirement early in your career.

Mutual funds may be able to assist you to reach your retirement planning goals while also allowing you to pursue other interests.

We have a lot of duties in our professional life, such as looking after our children's schooling, caring for elderly parents, and paying home loan EMIs, to name a few. Many people mistakenly believe that when they retire, most of their expenses will disappear, but this is not the case.

Even after retirement, financial advisors estimate that 70–80% of expenses will remain. Let's say your monthly costs are Rs 1 lakh and you're planning to retire in ten years. In ten years your monthly expenses can go up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs.

During our working life, one of our top financial concerns should be retirement planning. For the sake of their children's higher education or marriage, many people forego their retirement plans.

They are unaware that if they lose their financial independence during retirement, they may become a financial burden to their offspring.

Mutual funds are one of the investing options for planning for retirement while also achieving other financial objectives. With your financial advisors, you should consider how to use mutual funds for retirement planning.

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Mutual Fund for Retirement

Retirement planning is one of the most under-appreciated subjects among working people because most people believe retirement is a long way off and that immediate responsibilities are more essential.


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